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Please adhere to the following directions before sending your MP3 reference track(s):

  1. Encode your MP3 files at 160 kbps
    Your MP3s should be encoded at 160 kbps to ensure efficient download time and sound quality.

  2. Name your MP3 file using the title of your song and your last name
    It is easiest for us to keep track of your MP3 submissions when you name your file using the title of your song and your last name. For instance, if your song title is Square and your last name is Smith, you would name your MP3 file SquareSmith.mp3. If you are submitting more than one file, please add a two-digit track number to the end of the file name (i.e. SquareSmith01.mp3 for your first submission).

  3. The MP3 files you send must start at the absolute beginning of your song file
    Your MP3 files should reflect the absolute beginning of your song and project, which is 00:00:00.000 (Time). This includes empty measures. Your recording software may describe the very beginning using slightly different terms. By providing an MP3 file that starts at the absolute beginning of your project, you ensure that our final accordion tracks will line up with the rest of the tracks in your song / project.

  4. Do not change the sample rate or bit depth of your project
    Your MP3s should use the same sample rate as your project. In other words, if your project's sample rate is 44.1kHz, your MP3 files should be 44.1kHz, as well. Furthermore, once you have created your MP3 file(s), you must not change your project's sample rate or bit depth. Doing so will create a timing gap between the final accordion tracks we send you and the other tracks in your song / project.

  5. Send MP3 files that reflect as close to your finished song as possible
    By sending us your nearly-finished mix, we'll be better able to create parts that blend with the feel of your song.

  6. Mix with the accordion player in mind
    It is especially important to create a special mix if you have a specific instrument or part we need to address. Consider submitting this as your primary or alternate MP3 file. If you are playing a lead for the accordion player to follow, do not include this in your primary MP3; rather, please mix it prominently in your alternate MP3 submission or provide in a separate file.

  7. If you are submitting your project online, please use the free service
    is a free service that allows you to send files up to 100 MB in size. If you are sending multiple files, please place them in a single ZIP folder before sending. Please use as your recipient. Once you have sent your files, please return to this page and proceed using the Next button below.

  8. If you are mailing your project, please burn it to a data CD and send it to:

    P.O. Box 126
    Clinton, WI 53525

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